Nigeria has a vibrant and dynamic youth population. Young people in Nigeria between the ages of 18 and 35 constitute over 60% of the country’s population. As I stand before you today with immense gratitude and hope as we gather at this Summit to deliberate on “Advancing Youth Entrepreneurship and National Cohesion.” This is not just a gathering; it is a convergence of dreams, ambitions, innovations and the collective power of our nation’s future leader.

Our beloved Nigeria is a nation brimming with untapped potential, and it is the youth who possess the key to unlock this potential. We discuss building youth entrepreneurial ecosystem and national cohesion. We must recognize that these two pillars are not separate but intricately connected. Our ability to foster a sense of unity and collaboration across diverse backgrounds will directly fuel the flames of entrepreneurial innovation.

Entrepreneurship is not merely about business; it’s a mindset, a way of thinking that drives positive change. It’s about identifying challenges and transforming them into opportunities. Our youth are natural innovators, dreamers, and visionaries. As the digital age continues to reshape our world, we have the tools and the knowledge at our disposal to redefine the way business is conducted and create solutions that transcend borders and cultures.

However, to harness this potential, we must also strengthen our national cohesion. Nigeria is a tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions. Our diversity is our strength, a unique advantage that no other nation can replicate. But to truly harness this strength, we must promote inclusivity, understanding, and empathy. We must rise above ethnic, religious, and regional divisions and work together as Nigerians first, united by a common purpose – the advancement of our nation.

Imagine a Nigeria where an entrepreneur from the north collaborates seamlessly with a technologist from the south, where an artist from the east join forces with a scientist from the west. This is the Nigeria we envision – a nation where our diversity is not a source of division, but a wellspring of innovation and progress.

As we embark on this journey of advancing youth entrepreneurship and national cohesion, let us remember that the road ahead may not be without challenges. We will face setbacks, doubts, and naysayers. But it is precisely in these moments that our resilience will shine. Let us draw strength from our history, from the struggles of those who came before us, and from the undeniable spirit that defines our great nation.

To our youth, I say: You are not the leaders of tomorrow; you are the leaders of today. Your ideas, your actions, and your determination have the power to shape the course of our nation’s destiny. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, for it is a force that transcends boundaries. Embrace unity, for it is the foundation upon which we will build a prosperous and harmonious Nigeria. In conclusion, let us approach the challenges before us with open hearts, innovative minds, and a steadfast commitment to our nation. Let us work together to create an environment where every young Nigerian can dream, aspire, and achieve. The journey ahead will not be easy, but together, we can forge a future that surpasses our wildest dreams.