CEPASD to match 100 women, and girls in an Africa-wide mentorship project

There is global concern about the widening engagement gap between girls/young women and women who have attained their full potential. 

In an effort to help narrow this gap, The African Transformer Institute in partnership with the Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development CEPASD and Public Intel Dacore is set to launch a mentorship program titled ‘Mentor Her To Greatness.’

Speaking to Timeline.ng on the objectives of the program scheduled for launch on 10th July 2021, the Chief Facilitator, Mr Igweshi Augustine said it is designed to bridge the gap between girls/young women and accomplished women. 

“There’s need for engagement and enlightenment between those who have made it to the ones who are just beginning the journey,” he said. 

The mentorship program which spans over the course of three months would connect, inspire, engage and build a community of young girls and women from different backgrounds and walks of life to attain their full potential and champion social change.

According to him, “100 young girls and women from over 20 countries in Africa have been selected for the program which is the biggest coming together of young girls and women from different background and diversity for one common purpose.”

He went on to note that the opening virtual launch ceremony will be led by Dr. Ameena Ali from UN Women while other renowned women from around the world will take part in the launch. 

Speaking further, he revealed that after the program, the trained girls/young women will be incorporated into the world’s leading networks and platforms. The alumni iwill also be connected in the ‘Mentor Her To Greatness Network’ to in turn be voices and ambassadors.